Week 2

The week starting with the raffle draw for GOSH is very apt at this time of year – many of us who are parents, have seen the incredible job that the NHS does. Great Ormand st is a fantastic charity for us to support – thank you everyone for buying tickets and well done to those that one – I look forward taking Shane Stewart flying. I spent Monday morning with old colleagues at E&Y – fascinating conversation about the disruption they see coming in their industry – significant automation  of Audit and Tax means they will have to change their business model significantly to survive – innovation is at the heart of how they plan to tackle it. I would really like to hear ideas you have on how we can stimulate innovation in our business .

IS Ops gov. is the bi-weekly meeting where we approve projects to move into delivery or for additional spend – I want to highlight the importance of making sure we are all thinking about the value of what we are delivering – this isn’t just the simple spend £x and get a return of £y, but also the projects that don’t have tangible financial benefits. We all need to make sure that we can measure what we are delivering. For example if we implement a new firewall we will have failed penetration testing on a number of points and after we implement it we should pass.

A small but import success this week with 693 laptops and desktops now having IE 11, something that hopefully every will notice! Good job team.

Its now Friday and its lovely to see the office full of children! I know a lot of you have sacrificed time with your family to fix issues or get projects live  – its very much appreciated.


There wont be a blog next week as I will be finding out of the tactic of buying Mrs RamsKill a present (despite being told not to!) has ended messily! Have a great Xmas and New Year.